Las mujeres tienen un papel muy importante que jugar en la evangelización. El mensaje de Cristo no puede llegar lejos si ellas no se involucran en esta tarea. En este artículo te platico de 10 mujeres llenas de creatividad y entusiasmo que nos comparten su gran amor a Cristo utilizando sus redes sociales para contagiarnos de este gran amor.

  1. 1 nunandnunner

    ‘nunandnunner’ es la cuenta en Instagram de 2 maestras de una escuela americana que se disfrazan de monjas. Lo hacen de una manera respetuosa, no en son de burla, utilizan este método para captar la atención de sus alumnos por medio de diversos sketches

  2. 2 Mia Schroeder

    Mia Schroeder es una chica mexicana con una chispa increíble y muy creativa, detrás del proyecto Fiat María el cual nació tras reencontrarse con el Señor en donde Mia se sintió llamada a dedicar su vida a la evangelización. En una Hora Santa, escuchó en su interior las alentadoras palabras: «no tengas miedo, hazlo». Así nació «Fiat María», proyecto de evangelización a través de los medios de comunicación social que ofrece consejos, conversiones e información con el fin de ayudarnos a orientar nuestra vida hacia Dios, para alcanzar la santidad

  3. 3 ysma_jazz

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    Mi #Tbt 🕊 🕊 🕊 Ven, dador de los dones Ven, luz de los corazones Consolador magnífico.

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    La cuenta de 'ysma_jazz' es de una chica venezolana que actualmente vive en Galicia, su cuenta está dedicada especialmente a compartir su música pero también constantemente ofrece oraciones por sus seguidores, comparte reflexiones que nacen del corazón.

  4. 4 Abigail Rincón

    Abigail Rincón con su cuenta 'abihrincón' es una muchacha mexicana y  según su perfil en Instagram es bajista en el grupo Exodus. En su perfil busca compartir sus canciones, sus momentos de oración en su música y ya ha lanzado su canal de youtube en donde pueden encontrar su música.

  5. 5 Cindy Esparza

    La cuenta de 'cindyesparzag' es de otra chica mexicana que hace mucho énfasis en la adoración Eucarística y en la alabanza, así que si estás buscando música para poder rezar o para poder animar tu grupo de adoración, te recomiendo seguirla.

  6. 6

    'italamishelle' participó en la voz Perú, tiene una voz increíble, en su cuenta de Instagram nos comparte sus canciones y los covers que hace, recientemente se le ocurrió hacer el #ereschallenge el cual trata de grabar un video cantando su canción “Eres” y retar a sus amigos a hacer lo mismo haciendo covers o versiones de su canción, inmediatamente Instagram reaccionó y se volvió una especie de challenge viral dentro del mundo católico

  7. 7 La Hermana Beata Clare

    La Hermana Beata Clare es una estadounidense cuya cuenta está muy bien atendida en donde muestra cuidado por las fotografías, y no son fotografías del otro mundo sino de la vida diaria de una religiosa, fotografías que quizás pudieran parecer muy sencillas pero ella logra dar mucha espiritualidad y sacar reflexiones bastante profundas sobre ellas

  8. 8 Vivyanhamo

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    🌻The church must suffer for speaking the truth, for pointing out sin, for uprooting sin. No one wants to have a sore spot touched, and therefore a society with so many sores twitches when someone has the courage to touch it and say: “You have to treat that. You have to get rid of that. Believe in Christ. Be converted🌻 -St. Oscar A. Romero🕊 This proves what we have been facing nowadays. Abortion, divorces, lust, etc. When a Christian points out immoral and sinful acts, you see the whole world mad at the truth. Only a Christian is persecuted for speaking up because we don’t speak up nonsense. Every time we gather for a cause, it’s always for truth. We don’t twist facts nor hide that we are not perfect, but Jesus is and that’s why we follow His footsteps. Whiting sin to make you comfortable won’t make you happier. I’m not going to support evil acts, I didn’t come up with what’s sin or not. 2,000 years ago Jesus was on earth for you to know Him and to have a chance to save your soul. 2,000 years ago and still until this day, we find old gospels and religious symbols that goes way to the first Christians. Christians are not driven by feelings because it’s temporary it comes and goes. That’s why you see many people angry, desperate, lost, lonely, depressed, and confused. When you look at a faithful believer you see, happiness, joy, peace, hope, faith, and love. They admit they’re not strong nor perfect, but they have powerful God and it’s more than enough. This generation is driven by feelings and their feelings are always attached to what’s sinful and pleasuring their bodies. Sad, none of them is happy and thinking of death that will crawl like a shadow and steal their soul away and it will be too late to regret. Christians don’t wish anyone to go to hell. We don’t march for ourselves or our needs. People must know all of this is temporary and it is going to fade away before you know it. God gave you this perfect beautiful world to enjoy. It’s not God’s fault there is ugliness around, many are taking advantage of free will and many will lose their souls. God is love, but let’s not forget God will judge. #pray #love #faith #grace #old #God #hell #heaven #sin

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    'Vivyanhamo' Muestra lo que le sucede en la vida diaria, una chica católica creyente en un mundo ordinal en donde aprovecha para compartir reflexiones y meditaciones que ella misma va haciendo, pensamientos, consejos de cómo vivir la vida cristiana y también comparte alguno de los proyectos que está llevando a cabo de ayuda a los más necesitados

  9. 9 Leah Moler

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    “From Mary we learn to surrender to God’s will in all things. From Mary we learn to trust when all hope is gone.” -St. John Paul II 🕊 A little honesty... I sometimes get hesitant to put quotes that focus too much on Mary. I think it’s because I think of my former non-Catholic self. I know if I would have read a quote like that, I would have used it as arsenal against the Catholic faith. As proof of worshipping the Catholic ‘diety’ of Mary. I always feel I will have to be prepared to defend myself if I put up quotes like that, because if I don’t, I am putting up a ‘misleading’ message. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again (and I’ll keep saying it), understanding Mary and Mariology goes so much deeper than slinging different interpretations of scripture back and forth. It goes back to fundamental principles of the faith and where we derive authority. This isn’t meant to be a (completely) apologetic post. Apologetics in a couple hundreds words doesn’t. work. It’s more to say, I love Mary. She was a hard pill to swallow for me in the beginning. Definitely my biggest ‘hurdle’ to mentally grasp simply because the concept of Mary didn’t exist in my former faith-life. There is no Protestant equal to her to compare to. I won’t say I accepted her overnight, I think it does a disservice to pretend that was true. Honestly, I am still learning to fully appreciate who she is but what I do know is that Christ gave us her for a reason. He gave us His mother and today, as I pray my rosary, I am oh so grateful for that. Happy Feast Day of our Lady of Lourdes. 💙

    A post shared by Leah 🌿 (@lifeasleahknows) on

    La cuenta 'lifeasleahknows' llevada por Leah Moler, una joven esposa católica que se convirtió a la fe católica. En su cuenta puedes encontrar situaciones que cualquier esposa católica se pudiera topar, exhortaciones a vivir la fe con una gran coherencia y mucho humor

  10. 10 Paola Pablo

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    I cannot pass by today without a shoutout to my main dude, St. Thomas Aquinas, on his feast day. 😎 In this spirit, last week I received a great question, "Do you think your conversion to the faith would have been different had you not had a good experience with the faith?" I promised I would come back to this question because man... it is such a good one. When playing the "What If" game, it is one that you must tread lightly because hindsight is 20/20 right? If I had a dime for every time someone asked me if I became Catholic FOR my husband... 🙄🙄. I have been asked, ‘would you be Catholic today if you hadn't met your husband?’ That is a really good question, I can't predict a future of a life that didn't happen. I mean we could go further, what if I hadn't been born in the US? What if I was born in some remote village in a third world country? Would I have found this faith had I lived during the Protestant reformation when Popes were in the pocket of kings and corruption wasn't even hidden? Would I still be Catholic? Does any of that change the fact that I find the Catholic church and its teaching to be a universal truth? Not in the least bit. This century, last century, this country, that country. Truth is truth and has always been. It is easy to forget that truth is not up to individual experiences or interpretation. It isn't relative to your feelings. It isn't relative to your knowledge of it. It is what it is. We live in a world that tells you that truth is up to how you perceive it. The truth I came to discover in the faith goes so far and beyond my personal experiences with the faith. I have gone to mass and 'felt nothing'. I have prayed relentlessly and nothing came from it. I have asked for direction and felt abandoned. I have recieved harsh words from those who claim devout Catholicism. I have vehemently disagreed with priests and other clergy members. I have been appalled with some of Church leadership and their dismissive attitudes towards gross atrocities. I was not emotionally drawn to the mass. I was not emotionally drawn to the rosary. I was not emotionally drawn to Mary. (Continued in comments) vv

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    'Paolapablord' en su cuenta de Instagram y en su canal de youtube hace videos muy dialogados, muy espontáneos pero al mismo tiempo con una profundidad increíble con distintos planteamientos de preguntas que quizás lleguen a ser incómodas pero las resuelve con respuestas bastante convincentes

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Lorena Garza

Soy Lorena Garza, tengo 29 años. Soy licenciada en educación preescolar y próxima terapeuta familiar. Pasé mi adolescencia y juventud en los grupos de la Iglesia en donde encontré el gran amor de Dios. Me gusta mucho estar con mi familia, ser tía e intento siempre llevar paz y positividad en donde me encuentre. Aqui te dejo una de mis citas favoritas escrita por Santa Teresa de Ávila: "Nada te turbe, Nada te espante, Todo se pasa, Dios no se muda. La paciencia Todo lo alcanza; Quien a Dios tiene Nada le falta: Sólo Dios basta."



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